Grains of Africa originally started out as a private collection of African art.
As the collection grew, it was felt that a platform was needed from which the complexities, diversity and in some cases simplicity of African art could be showcased. We believe that African art embodies one of humanities greatest achievements – fusing visual imagery with the spiritual belief and social purpose. Its technical achievements and artistic perfection bear witness to the creative ingenuity of its makers. Religious beliefs and cultural ideas find artistic expression in masks and figures created primarily for ceremonial purposes, whilst the more contemporary pieces serve as expressions of a modern Africa that is continuously changing and embracing different styles and influences.

We endeavor to ensure that we provide well-made unique pieces that will compliment any collection and beautifully grace any wall or room. We strive to ensure that all of our pieces embraces the wide range of artistic expressions found throughout Africa, and we believe that all of our pieces ranging from our older collections to our more contemporary items, as well as our paintings, prints and relief sculptures highlights the individual creativity of African artists and addresses the local and global trends and innovatively transforms artistic styles into modern idioms.

We also feel that it is important to protect and preserve the rich culture of the various tribes and keep the natural balance that nature has set, therefore whenever possible we source from craftsmen and women who obtain their materials from renewable resources. In so doing, we believe that we help guarantee the continuous existence of these tribes and the environment.

We encourage you to discover African’s rich cultural diversity as you explore all that Grains of Africa has to offer.