Agere Ifa Bowl/Opon Igede/Container With Shango and Eshu


This divination bowl, known as Opon Igede Ifa is used by a diviner (babalawo) to store all of the important tools and items used by him. A babalawo (father of secrets) is a highly trained priest who would be consulted for a wide range of different reasons in a similar way to how a tarot card reader would be consulted – they provide guidance on both the everyday and the spiritual. When consulted, the babalawo would tap rhythmically on a opon ifa (divination boar) with a iroke ifa |(tapper) to invoke the presence of Orunmila. The sacred items such as the beads, cowie shells palm nuts or kola nuts as well as the divination chain and tapper used by the babalawo would be kept in the Opon Igede Ifa.

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