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African Sculptures – Otulaka (High Chief)

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This relief sculpture has been crafted from semi-solid organic products of natural and a synthetic origin, which is a specialist procedure, taught only in a handful of specialist art schools in Nigeria. As a result of the procedure used to create this sculpture it is rather lightweight. The finished product is a stunning bronze look three-dimensional piece of art. This sculpture has been incased in a high quality bronze effect frame, which compliments the sculpture and ensures that it elegantly graces, which ever wall it, is placed upon. The artist Tony Nwalupue has described this particular piece as a concept from Ibo speaking region mostly from the Delta Ibo’s and Ibo speaking people across the river Niger eastern region of Nigeria. Otulaka- means elephant tusk ivory horn used by duly highly chiefs and highly titled men in the community. This is their age long tradition and culture of the Ibo’s. This concept symbolizes- authority and power.

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