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Ashanti Twin – Fertility Doll


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This unique twins fertility doll would have been used by Ashanti women .The Ashanti tribe are one of the tribes that exist in Ghana West Africa, they Ashanti believed that through treating the doll as a real child they would become fertile. This unusual fertility doll represents twins and would have been carried by a woman who sought to bear twins. One side of the doll represents a male child and the other side represents a female. The scarification marks and most obviously, the breasts differentiate the male from the female. The style of the doll normally represents the tribe’s idea of beauty and health. This twin doll has scarification marks on both the male and female face. Such marks were viewed upon as being a mark of beauty. The high forehead and almond shaped eyes were also seen as a thing of beauty. The ringed neck, bent legs and large feet were seen to represent strength and good health. The dolls have also been given metal adornment on their forehead to further beautify them – as with the scarification marks the adornment on the forehead of the female doll differs from the one on the forehead of the male, this difference can also be seen in the elaborate hairstyle that the female doll has been given and the less elaborate one of the male. Further decorative carving has been done on the platform on which the twins stand.

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