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The Dan were also known as the Yacuba. They lived in the western part of Ivory Coast and Liberia. ( the Dan population is estimated to be 350,000 people and their usual source of lively hood is farming cocoa rice and manioc). The 350,000 Dan populations are mainly farmers who grow rice cocoa and manioc. Up until the time when the secret societies were united, chiefs who were elected on the bases of his wealth and social position governed the Dan villages. Presently the Leopoard society is the main regulator of the Dan society and initiates young men. The initiation of these men can last upto 4 months and takes place in the forest. The mythology of the Dan people tells that they received a mask from their creator Zlan. The mask serves as a tool of communication between the living and their ancestors. This Dan mask has been incased in natural fiber, which has cowrie shells sewn on to it. Cowrie shells were often associated with notions of womanhood, fertility, birth and wealth and were also used by witchdoctors in their ritual practices.

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