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Fakeye Sculpture – Akin Fakeye – Flutist for Esu

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Akin Fakeye carved this sculpture of the flutist for Esu. Akin Fakeye is a well-known member of the renowned Fakeye family of carvers. The immediately recognisable style of carving employed by Akin Fakeye is becoming increasingly appreciated by a growing number of art connoisseurs. This carving by Akin Fakeye is incredibly intricate and the attention to detail has to be seen to be appreciated, as this photograph really does not do it justice. The headdress on this carving of the flutist for Esu is to say the least amazing as is the attire of the flutist. This is a wonderful piece of art by Akin Fakeye.

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14.5″ (37cm)


4″ (10.3cm)


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