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Islamic Writing Board/ Qu’ranic Writing Tablet/2 – African Art


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This Islamic writing board is from the Hausa people of Nigeria West Africa. They are part of what is sometimes called the Fulani Empire. The Hausas have interacted with the Islamic world since the 15th century and were one of the first groups in West Africa to convert to Islam. Islamic writing boards are sometimes also referred to as Aduaze and also Allo. This Islamic writing board would have been used by a Muslim scholar or in a Muslim school to teach Arabic and learn passages from the Qur’an. Due to the fact that Muslims believe the Qur’an to incorporate the word of God/Allah as revealed to the Prophet Mohammed, the Qur’an and the words in the Qur’an are handled with a great deal of respect. It is believed by some that the words themselves hold mystical properties and to this end religious scholars are sometimes consulted by those wishing to ward off the evil eye or obtain protection. During such consultations words and diagrams are drawn on the board and then washed off and drank by the person who has initiated the consultation. As a result of this the boards are prized as it is the believed that the greater their usage the greater their power due to the fact that they have been successfully used for such activities. The wooden handle of this board has been covered in tooled leather which was probably done as a way of increasing the longevity of the handle and also as a way of decorating the board. There is beautiful Arabic writing on both sides of the board. A crack runs up from the bottom of the board – which is probably a result of extensive usage and age. The curve at the base of the board ensures that it would have comfortably rested on the waist or leg of its owner whilst they wrote. The board is an unintentional but beautiful example of Islamic art.

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