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Punu Bird Headdress Mask – African Mask



Product Description

The Punu reside in Angola. They belong to a nation of people known as Shira. They live in independent villages in which the Moukouji whose primary role was to subjugate evil and the destructive forces of the forest sprits ensured social cohesion. The Punu stylized beauty and delicate features of the mask are said to represent the faces of their ancestors. The Punu masks are known for their elaborate headdresses. The headdress on this mask is more elaborate than most as it sports a bird with a long beak which rests on the forehead of the mask. The use of white kaolin pigments suggest that this mask was a depiction of a spirit – it would have been worn during funerals by the Moukouji initiates who would wear elaborate costumes made out of raffia or cotton to conceal their bodies and identities. The initiates would then take on the persona of the spirit for the duration of the ceremony.

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