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Yoruba Ifa Diviners Beaded Bag


Product Description

This beautifully crafted beaded bag is also known as Apo Ifa. It used by a diviner/babalawo who is a seer who would be consulted generally in the same manner that a person would consult a tarot card reader. People would go and consult with the diviner for the resolution for a host of problems from medical to social. The diviner uses different methods to see the resolution or answers to the problem or question that his clients would approach him about. One of the methods used is the throwing of cowrie shells and the subsequent reading of them. The cowrie shells and other tools such as the diviner’s chains would be safely kept in the beaded bag. The design and colour of the beaded bag is of great importance and symbolism. The colours and design of the bag is of such great importance that the diviner often designs it himself and more often than not actually makes it himself. This beaded bag features a face, two birds on either side of the face and two mirrors beneath the face – the mirrors have cowrie shells surrounding them; above each bird are two white beaded tassels. The bag is three dimensional and although it is in very good condition it shows signs of ageing and has stains on the inner flap. This is a wonderfully powerful item.

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