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African Painting - Masks - Framed Sand Painting - grains of africa
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African Painting – Masks – Framed Sand Painting


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Sand paintings are made from naturally coloured crushed rock, stone and other minerials for different shades and colours. Tibetan monks use sand paintings in their rituals. In Tibet, sand paintings are called ‘dul-tson-kyil-khur’ which means ‘mandala of coloured powders’. They are viewed as one of the most unique and exquisite forms of Tibetan art. Sand painting was and still is used by the Navajo Native Americans. The Navajo word for sand painting is ‘iikaah’ which means ‘a place where gods come and go’. They are an essential part of Navajo ceremonies and are used by Navajo medicine men, but when displayed publicly, the design is altered slightly to protect the religious significance. This particular sand painting is from Angola and has been framed in a beautifully gold gilded frame. It depicts two masks and a horn. It has been wonderfully made and is unique in its design.

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