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Gjbmbe Drum sword – med

Djembe Drum (Weapon)

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Djembe drums and other African drums have very deep roots in African history. The history of African drums is very much interwoven in oral African history as well as written African history. African drums were mainly used to communicate as they could be heard over large distances. African drums were used to communicate births and deaths and also the beginning of war. African drums such as djembe drums were used to communicate a wide range of things some of which can only be imagined. African drums such as djeme drums were and still are used in ceremonies such as masquerade performances, wedding, funerals, and coming of age ceremonies. In all of these occasions drums feature prominently as even when other instruments are involved they act as the heartbeat – keeping the beat constant. In some rural parts of Ghana that language of talking drums is still taught to children and they are summoned to their classroom with talking drums and hand bells intermittently.

Unlike cheap soulless reproductions our djembe drums are handmade out of one piece of wood, which has been responsibly harvested. To ensure durability, the wood is kiln dried and then rubbed with wood oil and wax. In accordance with tradition, shaved goatskin is used for the top of the djembe drum – this is to ensure that if the drum is played it gives the rich mellow sound that it should. On the lower part of this djembe drum a pair of swords has been carved. Unlike cheaper imitations that are mass-produced from Asia and then sold as djembe drums, our djembe drums are original djembe drums from Ghana which has been wonderfully handcrafted to create a striking functional piece of African art which can be appreciated as a musical instrument and as a superbly crafted piece of African art.

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